— 2015 / 2016 Special Appearance & Published Work
David Son Dey

An American artist offering design by way of ideation, photography & style application with music as a principle discipline.

I am a foreign neutral non-enemy combatant in anonymity working in alignment with my ancient ancestral heritage + historical legacy.

My visual catalog is the result of extensive esoteric & etymological research practice concerning value & identity. The study is focused on curating rarity & in the process treasure is the result in all areas of content aggregation & production.

Brief Summary:

2004-2005 DEMO Records, Graphic Design, Photography, Strategy, Documenting, Production, Recording & Engineering.

2006-2008 SON Network inception:
(i) SATTORI Records, Web/Graphic Design, Ideation, Photography, Production, Recording & Engineering
(ii) The KDU, Web/Graphic Design, Ideation, Social Media Engineering, Recruiting, Writing & Project Management
    — The Royal Magazine, SVSV, Proof 7 NYC, MGRT, Blacksmith NYC, & Bob Partington
(iii) Gannett, Photographic Assignments

(i) TON Network, Creative Direction
(ii) BlackArm Bespoke, Brand Design & Strategy

2011-2012 Creation of Sustain Branding LLC
(i) The Wholeness Store, Identity Design & Motion Graphics
(ii) The KDU, Web/Graphic Design, Ideation, Social Media Engineering & Recruiting
    — INVASIONISM, ENK Shows, SVSV Press Archive & The KDU's Personal (Lifestyle, Design & Photography) Journal

(i) Voyager Communications item, Inc., Social Media r/d
(ii) Marcus & Millichap, Architecture Photography
(iii) Incline Digital Marketing, Architecture Photography

Full Curriculum Vitæ

Sustain Branding

This design studio was created in 2011, originally founded as a research study, initially focused on internal brands & preservation strategies, expanding with solutions for clients.

"Environments Change Behavior" is a testament to recycle the economy of the youth of historical/modern/future societies.

A creative study focused on omni-discipline, in order to realize idiosyncrasy, from the utility of the most hyper-traditional resources exclusive to our r/d.

In reference to the inception of our holding company.

“The host of identity works, designs, productions, project management and curating/aggregating of content is primarily handled by Sustain Branding, the constant communication with artists & brands + the reach created through our extensions. We are a design studio & initiative wrapped in one. Each partner will become a reoccurring name listed in future projects, while we continue to extend the co+lab etiquette. Our organic philosophy expresses exposure through growth — building our entire portfolio through practical experience before officially surfacing in the public. Sustain is currently searching for partners with experience (in early round vc, tech development & education), also artists, models, writers, musicians, scientists, engineers, inventors all with a dedicated passion for sustainability, the arts, fashion & design to help this idea to be born into reality.”


Handling all operations with a general focus on project management for various collaborations with artists from multiple territories throughout the globe.

Initiating our dialog with esoteric content & art resulting in a 55 page hard-cover image wrapped printed supplement.

Engaging the seven liberal arts & beyond.

A progressive manifesto dedicated to medicating the creative habit via aesthetic in order to contact the conscience / source. Conscious energy, thoughts, words, ideas & music translated through a life style. An esoteric aesthetic that exists within the reality that completes us, together we become one.

2012, A∴A∵Perception[s] Supplement № 004 — The initiation of our image dialogue, an exploration into perception via rhetoric.

“Anti Anti has initiated with print supplements as well as various aesthetic collaborative groundwork to help facilitate future studies. As a result, a visual dialogue to the esoteric, design & music communities has surfaced, yielding hundreds of new artworks — to-be-released through various art & media channels. Collections from Paschal Beverly Randolph, Nikola Tesla, Malidoma Patrice Some & Marshall McLuhan.

This publication is based on a visual translation of value, prefacing our first installment. Doing so, we have commissioned a host of the worlds most cutting edge artist & designers, to name a few: Ivan Venkov - Art & Design Consultant (from Slovakia), Julien Simshäuser - Junior Designer at Hi-Res (London), (French) Digital Artist David Delin, Fashion Editorial Designer Anette Sandberg (from Sweden), (American) Artist David Son, Zuo Wenwen - Artist & Designer (based in Phnom Penh), El Denz - Photographer & Producer (from London), Lukáš Brezák - Artist & Designer (Brno based), (Japanese) Writer & Artist Cathy Chen, Michael Ostermann - Designer & Programmer (in Vienna), Illustrator & Graphic Designer Diego L. Rodríguez (based in Spain), Giga Kobidze - Digital Artist & Illustrator (from Tbilisi) & Nastplas - Creative Duo, Illustrator Fran R. Learte & Creative Director Natalia Molinos (based in Madrid).”

AntiAnti Records of Activity, Inception Point & Current Studies

A Company of Wolves

A Co. of WLVS, is an ideal experience of art & design. The artists involved act as a symbol to represent the canis lupus migrations & travels throughout each territory across the globe.

Our commercial site for corporate activity & outline of milestones, new works etc. ofWLVS.co

A more detailed experience of our particular angle with art & design. WeCreateWolves.com

SMP (supplemental material pack): 8 in x 8 in / 20 cm x 20 cm, 4-10 prints on high gloss / matte - 2 Front & Rear id / theme prints, separated by a transparency or trace paper, 1 print size page with combined identity logo, copyright, artist info etc., bespoke wrapping using traditional papers, secure and sturdy.

Abstract / A Company of Wolves is a continuous flux of art/ist/s and design/er/s, echoing the howl of dynami(te/c) creativity under the full moon of (sist + broth)erhood bound by blood. We are of |one| pack, yet each of us is several and solitary in our artistic pursuits. We are the stage for wolves in (X)-skins to showcase the voracious versatility of brands in our community. A Company of Wolves is the togetherness of α, β, and Ω roles of the wolf-pack—we rally, we promote, and we bear the stress of those who share our bond. The pack is not bound by the constraints of genealogical lines, cultural ties, and geographical boundaries.

Concrete / A Company of Wolves is a curated conflux of art and design pieces showcasing a multitude of artists and designers on a transnational and transcultural stage. Our shared value is familial—a mystical blood-tie that traverses the veins and stains the flesh of our collective. Our call, and our calling, is a triangulation of online exhibition, print-publication transmission, and archival collection for a diverse ecology of audience, from general public to professionals to collectors. We hope to guide our pack network in a direction that expands our hunting territories to new and rich unexplored terrains and niches in art & design that bisect traditional hierarchical boundaries.

   i — The pack - traces the contours of the desert and sutures 77-colored tribes with the call | a bleeding coagulation of lupine |aesthetic-prosthesis| lunacy that transcends bio-political genealogies.
   ii — To become wolf is to || follow distinct trajectories but entangled lines | to move a pas de loup is to arrive timelessly | to track imperceptibly, to be in the co. of a pack-, several + | at the same time, remain a singularity.
   iii — A w( )lf pack is a black hole singularity. H( )les are not the absence of particles but a milieu of particles traveling faster than the speed of light.


— behavior pedagogy through material (object) experience. gnosis at its source.

a selection of culture, art, tradition & current reality from a global perspective. through direct communication with our partners, discourse allows for close-knit seamless production in the process of creating idiosyncratic products.

with environment in mind, our intent while establishing venue, is to present rarity, which alters these items & in return yields talismans. naturalization is essential in a society where value & quality are not (always) in the same language let alone conversation. price-point is often coupled with hierarchy w/o explanation & worth is almost non-existent as if the extremities of capitalism blind individual choice. we seek to remedy these conditions.

our endemic research has resulted in collaborative fashion projects, printed publications, music productions, community development, propaganda & media related to our network of private brands. the organic process of working with omni-disciplined creatives brings into existence a diverse catalog.

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